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Eldritch - Review @ HardcoreGamer

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-27 03:39:06

HardcoreGamer has posted a new review for Eldritch and gave it a 4/5.

Eldritch‘s random nature makes every journey into its dungeons a new adventure. There are multiple types of equipment to find, a variety of spells that might show up, several kinds of weapons (of which you can only carry two at a time), and it’s all set in a dungeon that’s new every time you venture down. Enemies are smart enough that there are a number of strategies for playing with them, and it’s always fun to trick them into attacking each other. Death is a problem that experience minimizes, and Eldritch is always different enough that gaining that experience never feels like a chore. It’s always fun to dive back into the books, exploring their levels, hoping to find the best loot drops and making do with what you actually get. Eldritch is brutally tough until you learn it, and then settles down to be pleasantly challenging. It’s a big random first-person dungeon crawl dripping with atmosphere, evil and fun in equal measure, and as a bonus you get to be a librarian reigning in the power of dark tomes of terrible knowledge.

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