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The Mandate - Update #11, Battle Stations

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-28 04:14:50

Perihelion Interactive posted another update for The Mandate with two new videos that show off gameplay that was shown at the MCM ComiCon in London.

Battle Stations

Today’s update should be especially tasty. First of all The Mandate was shown at MCM ComiCon in London, and our show was packed with all seats taken. A special hello to the guys on the right! Everyone was buzzed and lots of people came up for a “meet and greet” after the presentation. The event was both recorded and live-streamed, so expect a video to be posted soon. Also at MCM we showed off a quick character customization teaser, showing a 3D model of a dummy captain. This is a very, very early preview - check it out here.

Gameplay Trailer

Our design update for today covers weapons and coincides well with the gameplay trailer. Click here to read it. The long-awaited gameplay trailer was debuted at MCM. Keep in mind that the gameplay trailer is all running inside the Unity3D engine. From a graphics point of view these are still early days. Click here to see the gameplay trailer.

And they end with answering a funding goal question.

Some backers have asked to see a clearer cost breakdown. We will not be providing a “cake diagram” as we believe that gives a false sense of security. Instead we have put together a development timeline to illustrate the allocation of manpower for the different stages of development. Keep in mind we are on Indie salaries. The Kickstarter campaign will cover the positions outlined and some devs are prepared to work for free as an additional buffer. Click this link to check it.

How can you help The Mandate reach its funding goal?

  • If every backer can get 1 friend to back The Mandate for USD 20, we will pass 250.000 or 50%. The 50% mark should shift some backers who are on the fence!  
  • If every backer can get 2 friends to back The Mandate for USD 20 each, we will pass 330.000 or 66% - which should help draw the attention of some big media!  
  • If every backer can get 4 friends to back The Mandate for USD 20 each, we will reach our funding goal. We have a couple of huge media sites that will cover us once we get there. This will help us meet stretch goals and make a bigger, better game -everybody wins!

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