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Gods & Heroes - Interview @ Killer Betties

by Dhruin, 2006-10-25 23:17:31

Stieg Hedlund has been interviewed at Killer Betties about Gods & Heroes.  Here's a snip:

1. Unlike many MMORPGs that are set in a Tolkien-esque fantasy world, Gods and Heroes bucks that trend and goes for the more original Greco-Roman mythology setting? Why was this setting chosen and what do you think it allows for that other fantasy worlds can't?

I have to say, I find it a bit ironic that myth is thought of as being the “more original” setting—all that other stuff derives directly from myth, you see all the players—giants, dragons, the living dead, uprooted from their original context, so the mythic setting is original in the sense of being the origin…

Rome, its culture, military, technology and of course its myth, has continuously fascinated people around the world, practically since it came into existence. We chose it because of the ways it worked with the gameplay we wanted to create, which it does a terrific job of complementing and deepening. As far as story, and background, working with myth and history is tremendous—there’s so much material, and it all has a sense of being grounded instead of forced and artificial. People find familiarity in it and are drawn in and then we start to introduce some of the stranger and less familiar elements that I think people will find rather interesting.

They also have some new screens.

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