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Frontiers - Happy Halloween & Guest Update

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-01 02:48:46

Lars Simkins the developer of Frontiers has a new post-funding update with a progress update, and a new guest post.


Last week Ryan turned over the complete main quest outline, which means every quest in the game is finally down on paper. We still have dialog to write, and that'll be a hell of a process, but the hardest part is complete. (By the way, if you missed our story Q&A you can read the transcript here.)

Given methodically chips away at the terrain as always. Working with Given is like working with a running generator. Once in a while I'll stop working and think "Hey what's that sound? Oh right, that's Given diligently generating content as always." He's spent the last couple of weeks working on Apple Valley and the region is really starting to come together.

Alpha Stuff

Meanwhile the alpha has been thrown into the ring with our testers and they're tearing it apart like a pack of wild dogs. It hasn't exactly gone smoothly! We've got everything from floating rocks to frying pans that won't leave your inventory to fire that burns you through walls and cooks food from ten feet away. The bug reports can seem overwhelming at times but their hilarity mostly makes up for it. If you see one of these brave testers here or in the forums tip your hat to them - every bug they suffer through brings us that much closer to final release.

(I'll be announcing the second round of alpha testers shortly, so keep an eye on your KS inbox.)

Multiplayer Stuff

Multiplayer has been... frustrating. Oh sure, I'm making progress and some simple tests have shown promise but the whole thing has been going way more slowly than I'd like. The good news is that after weeks of searching I've finally made contact with some new potential team members who can help me shoulder the burden of implementing it. If my good luck holds, next month's update will show you some co-op in action. (Don't hold me to that, though!)

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