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Dark Souls II - Interview @ Levelsave

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-01 03:22:53

Levelsave interviews Namco Bandais Community Manager  J. Kartje about Dark Souls II.

Those worried that Dark Souls II was going to be an easy affair, fret not because From Software has brought back one of the most challenging aspects of Demon’s Souls. When you die you don’t come back with full health but with a 25% decrease in your health bar, this percentage will actually double each time you die so if your not careful and don’t recover your soul, you’ll be in a heap of trouble before you can blink.

After playing through the demo I was able to snag an interview with J. Kartje, Community Manager for Namco Bandai America and overall cool dude, where we got to talk about the upcoming release.

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