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Lords of Xulima - Update #2, The Talisman of Golot and the Divine Artifacts

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-02 00:45:41

Numantian Games has posted the second update for Lords of Xulima with information on talismans, and artifacts.

What is the Talisman of Golot?

Today we want to give you some additional information about this reward, which is exclusively available to our backers. Golot is one of the nine Lords of Xulima. To humans he is known as the God of Works and Dreams. It is he who will guide Gaulen through his mission, whispering cryptic information into Gaulen’s dreams. 

The Talisman of Golot was forged by the God of Works with the intent of creating life from the lifeless. He was unsuccessful, as only the Lord known as Alnaet has the power to give life to the creations of his fellow Lords of Xulima. Only through trickery was Golot able to give the talisman the power to speak and communicate with its bearer. Although it is still not technically alive, few would doubt its value as a companion on long journeys as it can render great assistance. 

 The Divine Artifacts

Unlike other games where slightly better than average common items can be called artifacts (+15 sword…), in our game artifacts are items that were created by the Lords of Xulima and have unique and extraordinary powers. 

There are artifacts that speak, like the Talisman of Golot, others that can help you find hidden beings, like Taliet’s Whisper, and others, like the Tears of Nalaet, purify even the most cursed places. There are more than 15 such artifacts with different powers.

The search for the Divine Artifacts constitutes one of the major plotlines in Lords of Xulima. The search leads Gaulen to unravel the mysteries of a number of ancient and deadly places.

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