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Age of Wonders 3 - Magical Locations Revealed

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-02 02:16:51

Triumph Studios has released a new press release with news about magical locations you will visit as you play Age of Wonders 3.

DELFT, the Netherlands, October 30th 2013 – Triumph Studios, the team behind the Overlord and Age of Wonders series, today reveals detailed information about the many unique locations that players will encounter in Age of Wonders III.

Age of Wonders III is a strategy game in which you, the leader of a fantasy empire, conquer an enormous world filled with a wide variety of locations and fantastical creatures. During your campaigns you will encounter ancient sites and structures that are realized in unprecedented detail for the genre:

  • Explore the world map and discover over 60 legendary sites, ranging from monuments and ancient civilizations to dangerous brigand camps and sunken cities.
  • Each site is visualized in detail using the 3D battle engine, using a combination of hand crafted and procedurally generated elements, such as terrain features and the climate of the site.  Combinations of defending monsters and arcane hazards provide an enormous variety of tactical challenges.
  • Rewards for conquering sites include resources, spells, buffs, rare units and unique hero items. Many of these cannot be acquired by regular in-game research, encouraging the player to explore the world and hunt for unique treasure.
  • Once conquered and part of your domain, most sites keep on giving, generating a steady stream of income or bonuses for your cities and empire. Players must defend these sites to protect them from raiding enemies.

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