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Might & Magic X - Feature Preview: Map Notes

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-03 03:27:41

The next update on the open develepment blog for Might & Magic X gives a preview of how map notes work in the game.

The whole MMX team here at Limbic Entertainment is currently working hard on the next patch. Today, I'm going to present you one of the features that will be in it: map notes.

Some of you have asked for it, while others laughed and said that a piece of paper does the trick, too. However, we think it's a nice little feature. Therefore Kutsi, a member of our programming crew, has recently implemented the map notes so they can be delivered to you with the patch.

First of all, important places or NPCs will be indicated on the minimap anyways when you move your mouse over it.

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