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Graywalkers: Purgatory - Update #7, Character Creation

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-03 03:37:30

Dreamlords Digital is back with update number seven for Graywalkers: Purgatory with details on the games character creation.


You are required to create your avatar character in the game. He or she will be the leader of the group and Is the person most interaction is directed to. Your avatar is the only character you can create from scratch. You can customize his appearance, gender, race, attributes, path, skills and abilities.   

Characters you recruit will have a starting template which you cannot modify. His gender, race, starting appearance, attributes, path, skills and abilities are all set when you recruit him. Of course, as he levels up, you can choose how he will progress beyond his starting template. You will be able to customize his attributes, skills and abilities.



When you start creation, your first choice is to determine your gender. The choices are of course Male or Female.  


After choosing your gender, your next choice to make is your Race. Now this is very important as your race determines a lot of in-game advantages and disadvantages that are long-term.

Below is a short description of the races available at creation. They will be discussed more in detail though in a later update:

  • Human: these are of course the dominant race on Purgatory.
  • Dhampir: they are the half-vampire half-human hybrids. 
  • Nephilim: they are the half-angel half-human hybrids. 
  • Cambion: they are the half-demon or half-devil mixed with humans. The half-demons are normally the more common variants as Devils seem to be less prone to this by choice. 
  • Wolfkin: they can be either half-human half-werewolf or half-wolf half werewolves. The half-human variants are more common however. 
  • Hunterborne (Stretch Goal): they are natures defense mechanism against the supernatural. They look human but are all supernaturally perfect physical specimens who are perfect hunters. 
  • Faechilde (Stretch Goal): they are the hybrid children of the Fae Folk. They are normally magically gifted. 
Based on the race you choose, you will acquire a starting template package that will provide the following:
  • Racial Attributes: each race will have a bonus or penalty to its attributes. Humans in general will not have a bonus or penalty to its attribute.
  • Racial Paths: Your race choice can also affect how effective your character is within a certain “Path”. No matter what you race is though, all paths are available to you but of course some Races are simply better (or weaker) at some Paths than others.
  • Racial Skills: Each Race will have bonuses to certain skills as well as have some skills as part of their primary skill set even if it is not in their Path choice. Humans will have a bonus to skills which they can choose.
  • Racial Abilities: Each race starts with some bonus abilities unique. For example, all dhampirs will have the Blood Strength ability, allowing them to get stronger for a short amount of time if they ingest blood.
  • Racial Weaknesses: Except for Humans, all races have specific weaknesses , most of which are derived from their supernatural ancestry. For example is a Werewolves vulnerability against silver or a Cambion’s weakness against cold iron.

Click this link here for more details.

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