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Deus Ex HR: Director's Cut - Review @ GameBanshee

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-03 03:41:28

GameBanshee's  Eric Schwarz takes a look at Deus Ex HR: Director's Cut to decide if the game is worth your time, and money once again.

The Value Equation

The real question with Deux Ex: Human Revolution's Director's Cut isn't really whether it's worth getting, because at $20 USD, it's definitely the only version of the game a new buyer should consider. But, as it's been released as a paid enhancement rather than a free update for existing players (with variable discounts depending on if you have The Missing Link DLC or not), one has to wonder if it's really worth it.

Personally, I feel that $10 USD is a fair asking price if you played the original game but avoided getting any DLC. The Missing Link is a very good addition to the game, and the other small add-ons like the preorder items are also worthwhile if you have never played with them before. Where things break down a bit is if you already owned the game as well as all its DLC - even at $5, the changes are pretty modest unless you simply want to have the "complete" edition of the game, or are planning a replay or two.

With smaller developers like CD Projekt RED releasing free updates for their games with more additions overall, some people might even say it's unfair for Eidos to charge anything at all for the update. Regardless, it certainly would have been a good gesture for Eidos to have given players who owned both the base game and The Missing Link the update for free. Edios does deserve praise for bringing the boss battles up to par, but otherwise, the Director's Cut is a pretty meager improvement - if you've never enjoyed Human Revolution, you're in for a treat, but if you've visited Seattle and Hengsha before, you might want to look at other destinations instead.

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