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Lords of Discord - Interview @ Strategy Informer

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-05 00:22:37

Strategy Informer interviews Publishing Director Victor Zaletov about Lords of Discord.

Strategy Informer: How would you summarise Lords of Discord for those who haven’t heard of it?

Victor Zaletov: It’s a classic strategy set in a fantasy world. For the moment, it features two races – demons and humans – and turn-based battles similar perhaps to the ones you’d see in the Disciples series of games.

In general every game starts with the hero you choose, which could be a war lord, a scout or a mage. You begin in your undeveloped castle which maybe just has the castle wall and the barracks. Then you start to explore the map, which initially is covered in fog of war.

Strategy Informer: Would you say the first part of the game is much like a dash for resources and unit recruitment like in HoMM?

Victor Zaletov: Yes, it’s something like that. You need to be careful about choosing where to go, which neutral creatures to fight first and so on. For example; fighting more difficult mobs will provide greater benefits, but of course it’s easier to be killed by them and that would force you to have to start all over again.

You also need to grab territory, which you do with your terra-morphing units. These units convert the neutral land to your territory. Each player starts with their own territory and uses these units to convert neutral land into theirs. This will give you some kind of boost; we’re still experimenting with that but it will involve something like unit speed boosts and defence against enemy global spells.

We wanted to give the impression that it shouldn’t be so easy for you to move around on enemy territory. You can go there, but still the enemy player has some advantages against you. So you need to plan your moves carefully. In the same way, you can try to convert your enemy’s land to be yours. Or perhaps you can try to lure your enemy into a battle on your territory which would give you the advantage.

Strategy Informer: There’s a story-driven campaign in the game. Could you talk to us a little about that?

Victor Zaletov: We are really working hard to make a great single-player campaign. The game will begin with the 12 mission human campaign and we later plan on releasing the demon one.

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