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The Mandate - Update #14, Kick It Forward

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-05 00:41:47

Perihelion Interactive posted another update for The Mandate with news about the games PR, and plans for future updates.

Today we’re going to talk about a couple of things coming this week, and some PR bits and pieces. Quite a few of you are AngryJoe fans (and as it happens, so are a couple of our team!). You asked us to contact him about the game, so we did… in quite a big way. We know he’s a fan of science fiction, RPGs, and strategy games, so Garret (our Art Director) has produced this fan-art of Angry Joe as a grand admiral of The Mandate. We’d love for Angry Joe to check out the game concept, Prologue Creator, and Ship Designer, so please get onto him on Twitter via @Angryjoeshow.

We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t think he’d be into the game, but since many of you mentioned that he’d enjoy it, we’d love to get some feedback from him. Help us spread the word!

What’s more, we have another developer log right around the corner, notably one from Jimmy (Character Artist) which will take you through the 3D modelling process for both characters and ships and illustrate our approach to character and ship customization. You met Jimmy at MCM Comic Con, and the video for that event has now been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

We have been humbled by the Kickstarter process so far - and the community. We think crowdfunding provides for a wonderful way to both interact with the community to sharpen the game concept as well as raise money to create the games we have all dreamed of. An extra nod to our mature and constructive backers on our forums! With that in mind we have decided to embrace Brian Fargo’s Kicking It Forward initiative:

“Any project creator that puts the KickingItForward.org URL on their Kickstarter project page is agreeing that they will put 5% of their finished product profits back into other Kickstarter projects.”

To make that as clear as possible, 5% of total profit made from The Mandate (not 5% of the total amount raised), will go right back into Kickstarter projects. Let’s help fund some amazing games!

Also next week, we’re going to start contacting other Kickstarter projects and engaging in cross-promotion. These will be games we’re confident are being created by equally skilled and passionate teams, and they are games which should generally fit within the same genre or style of The Mandate. RPGs, space games, strategy games, things like that. We already have a list but if you feel we should reach out to a particular project, by all means give us a shout. Both current and previously funded Kickstarter projects are interesting.

We are heading to 250k - the halfway point for funding - and should hit that towards the end of this week. Our next interactive tool will launch to coincide with that, and we are confident you’ll all enjoy playing with. It’ll feed you some exclusive new lore, too! Here are some preview images, in a unique retro style, fitting the music we released in last weeks update…

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