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Satellite Reign - Developer Diary Video

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-07 00:18:55

5 Lives Studios Mitch Clifford talks about how Satellite Reign can compete with huge animation teams on a small budget in this new video.

How to use a bunch of PlayStation cameras, several bits of wire, a flashlight and a dollop of ingenuity in place of mutli-million pound mo-cap facilities...

5 Lives Studios' Mitch Clifford explains how Kickstarter-funded Satellite Reign can compete with products with huge animation teams by using a smarter, leaner animation pipeline. It's a good watch people!

You can download the original video from here, or alternatively you can watch the video or grab embed codes from YouTube.

For further information about Satellite Reign, please contact Tim at Renegade PR.

A note about Renegade PR's involvement with Satellite Reign: we backed this Kickstarter because we loved Syndicate Wars, and we really want to see this fantastic project thrive. No Kickstarter funds have been spent employing us. We are helping get the message out in our own time and with our own resources.

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