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The Mandate - Update #15, Scourge of The Mandate, Stretch Goals, PayPal & DRM

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-07 00:46:08

Perihelion Interactive posted another update for The Mandate with news about a new text based game Scourge of The Mandate, stretch goals, PayPal , and DRM.

Scourge of The Mandate, Stretch Goals, PayPal & DRM

We are finally ready to reveal our third interactive tool: Scourge of The Mandate (SOTM for short). But before we do that, a couple of quick updates:

Developer log #2 has been uploaded. In it, James (Character Artist) talks about the character and ship design process. There is also a preview of some never-before-seen frigate pieces so the video is worth checking out! Besides, Jimmy is a jolly good chap! Click here to check it out.

We have added the first batch of stretch goals, read details at the top of our Kickstarter page:

  • $600.000: Away Missions on Planets. 
  • $700.000: Starbase Boarding Operations.
  • $800.000: Mod Support.

PayPal - we have now added a link to our PayPal store on the Kickstarter page. We offer the same rewards on PayPal as on Kickstarter. Please consider donating via Kickstarter if you have the option, as PayPal donations do not count towards the minimum goal on Kickstarter - which makes it difficult for people to see our progress. PayPal donations will, however, count towards stretch goals.

DRM - We are in contact with both Good Old Games and Humble Bundle about possible DRM-free versions of The Mandate for backers who do not wish to use Steam.

Now… Scourge of The Mandate [SOTM].

Here at Perihelion we take the legacy of older games seriously and they are a major source of inspiration to us. We wanted to pay homage to all these great games and SOTM is our solution: We present our upcoming game with its 1500 years of history through the lense of an old and honoured game genre: the text adventure! So without further adieu:

“Even in these days of rebellion and civil war, when worlds turn on each other and fleets clash in deep space, there are a few names as universally abhorred as that of Jameson Howth, one of the infamous Scourges of the Mandate. The atrocities and crimes committed by this villain have ensured him a place in some infernal pantheon of legendary pirates. This Scourge is still believed to be at large in Fringe space, though his infamous ship, the Deathless, has not been seen in years.

How did Howth become such a notorious villain? What vile and unforgivable crimes did he commit? In this simulation, you will take on the role of Jameson Howth and determine the path he walks, the decisions he makes. Will you bring him to an untimely but well-deserved end, or emulate his terrible example and become the most infamous pirate in the galaxy? Or are you so treacherous and depraved that you can eclipse even Jameson Howth as a Scourge of the Mandate?”


As SOTM is completely data-driven we invite the community and RPG sites around the world to help translate the tool into as many languages as possible [if you want to do Esperanto, Klingon or Latin we will not stop you…]. If your site would like to be an official SOTM “partner” then head over to the forums and mention your site there as well as which language you would be interested in translating into. We will review submissions in the forum thread and select one SOTM “partner” for each language. You and your colleagues will do the translation and you will be granted access to host the localized version of SOTM on your site. We will link to your localized version of SOTM from our main site. Keep in mind we will expect a certain standard for the translation to capture the tone and feel of the original English version.

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