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Lords of Xulima - Update #5, Funded

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-08 00:29:41

Numantian Games has posted the next update for Lords of Xulima with news the kickstarter was funded, and talks about the future goals of the game.


Here we are, just over a week into the campaign, with our first goal reached. As we are trying to find the words to express our gratitude, we are also dreaming about what lies ahead. You guys have made it possible and supported us through a very large step, thank you!!

With this goal, we have added over 4 extra hours of content, which includes:

  • A new zone : Travel through the Path of the Red Mountain (on the borders of Hamaleth), where one of the Ulnalum Guardians prevents access to the remote region of Varaskel.
  • An epic new foe - One of the sturdiest creations of the Gods, this towering sentinel awakened by divine powers is not likely to be open to dialogue.
  • A unique Divine Artifact : Kersket’s Hammer. Kersket is the mighty God of earth and stones.
  • A new Tower of Sorcery built by the God of Works, Golot. Could it have kept the artifact away from unholy hands, after all this time?

A whole new 18 awesome hand-drawn portraits for your heroes, to make your party even more unique and personalized!

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