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Might & Magic X - Balancing Questions and Answers

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-08 00:38:48

Might & Magic X has another post on it's developer blog with a Q&A about game balancing.

Balancing - Questions and Answers

Many of you have been asking questions concerning the balancing of the game. Marcus, who is currently busy wrapping his head around all things concerning balancing, answered some of them.

Please consider that many of the features mentioned below won’t be in the game until the final release, because we’re still working on them!

Class Balance

Q: "For a ranger, if the players invested in close combat skills and Strength, they can become useless once their rangers become wardens. Is this a natural progression?" 

A: A promotion certainly doesn’t make a character useless all of a sudden just because he or she isn’t able to make full use of a new ability – you still enable the character to reach the Grand Master Rank of their skills.

Q: "I have noticed that the most fragile class is Ranger. Don’t know why, but he is the one who dies first."

A: It’s only natural that some classes will be the first to die at some point. You can utilize your spells and abilities in order to keep those characters safe from harm or use potions to keep them alive.

Q: "The Freemage is NOT fragile. If you spend attribute points on vitality she can actually become as robust as the mercenary (in case no skill points are invested into endurance). Just try it out. You can start a shaman, a barbarian, a ranger and a Freemage with the same HP if you distribute the attribute points identically. IMHO the class concept needs rework."

A: You are right: All classes are based around the same stats and have a selection of the same skills, so if you skill them identically they become identical in some respects. But eventually, when the characters reach their individual Grand Master ranks of their individual skills, the differences will become more apparent.

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