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Deathfire - Update #1, Exclusive In-Game Item

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-08 01:08:09

G3 Studios has posted the first update for Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore with news about a new Exclusive in-game item for all Kickstarter backers.

But first here is the pitch video. It wasn't avaiable on YouTube for me to post yesterday. Enjoy and sorry for the inconvenience.

Exclusive in-game item for all Kickstarter backers!

We’re off to a great start for this campaign and we are very excited about the amount of interest and enthusiasm the project has generated so far. Thank you all for throwing your support behind this game the way you do. We truly appreciate it.

At the time of this writing, a mere 8 hours into the campaign, we have already reached one third of the backers necessary to unlock the Kickstarter-exclusive cover for the game, putting us squarely on track with our goals. But here’s more good news…

In conversations we had since starting the campaign with various backers of our project, we noticed that many of you are actually very interested in playing the Nethermancer, as outlined in the Nethermancer Edition reward tier. Understandably, however, not everyone is willing to spend so much money on a feature that is not really changing or expanding the game in any way, and serves more as a cool and fun gimmick.

Since we feel very strongly that every Kickstarter backer should actually get something special and exclusive, we have decided to give everyone the opportunity to get a taste of the Nethermancer first hand. What does that mean for you?

Every Kickstarter backer will receive a Nether Bursa, an item that collects energy from the Nethers. Once it is fully charged, this item will allow players to temporarily channel a Nethermancer. You will obtain the Nethermancer’s unique green-tinted vision, and as long as the energy lasts you will be able to move about as a Nethermancer, even using some of the unique Nethermancer spells. Since these spells rely on the Nether energy and not regular Mana, even characters that are not magic users will be able to use Nethermancer spells at that point.

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