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The Memory of Eldurim - Kickstarter Now Live

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-08 06:27:02

The Memory of Eldurim kickstarter is now live and asking for $150,000 to get funded. I have the usual pitch video and game details for you below.

The Memory of Eldurîm

The Memory of Eldurîm is an open world RPG. The world in which you live is in constant upheaval. Political strife and religious turmoil are all around you, and not everything is as it seems. Your decisions and actions toward the individuals with whom you interact have far-reaching effects. Should you ally yourself with one faction, another may come to despise you. You will make friends and foes alike in your travels, leaving you to be revered and hated. Choose whom you will serve, destroy, or whom you will lead to victory.


  • Open World - Explore an expansive and ever-growing world. From peaceful green forests to barren desert wastelands, we want you to experience it all.
  • Fast-Paced and Strategic Combat - Fight your enemies with your skill and your brain - this combat is not passive and it rewards your strategy.
  • A New Way to Level Up - Choose who you will be by the things you do, not by choosing a class. Every action in or out of combat has an effect on you in the very moment you take it.
  • All Paths of Progression are Viable - No one play style will clearly be more powerful than the rest. All methods and play styles will be separate but equal.
  • Your Approach Matters - Enemies, weapon types, armors, and spells all have strengths and weaknesses. You will be rewarded for your knowledge of your enemies and punished for your ignorance.
  • Evolving Magic System - Hone your magical abilities and unlock new powers through a unique blood shard system. Combine magic and weapons for even more ways to take down your enemies.
  • Frequent and Free Updates - Be a part of the development process as the game grows. Don't wait for DLCs. You buy the game once and you get all updates for free forever.
  • Unique and Dynamic Fantasy World - Face threats you have never before seen as you enter a brand new world. Watch as towns grow and groups come to accept you or revile you.
  • Engrossing Story - A dedicated writer has planned out a story line from beginning to end. Read a short story that takes place in our world here.
  • Made with the CryEngine - The CryEngine is on the cutting edge of graphics and functionality which maximize your game play experience.
  • Co-Op - Join with friends to conquer your enemies through your LAN.
  • Crafting - Gather resources and create powerful weapons and armor.
  • Replayability - Randomized loot and a massive world full of things to do will keep you wanting to play again and again.

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Memory of Eldurim

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