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Deathfire - Update #2, We Thank You

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-08 12:08:55

G3 Studios has posted the second update for Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore with news about 1,000 backers reached, Get an Avatar, and the Curse of the Nethermancer.

1,000 backers reached!

As I write this, we have accumulated 1,000 backers, and it took only a little more than 24 hours. We are truly impressed, and seeing this, we might indeed make it to the 1,500 backer milestone tomorrow, which will unlock the Kickstarter-exclusive cover for the game. It is still going to be hard, though, and we will need all the support from you that we can get. Talk about the “Deathfire” Kickstarter. Spread the word. Shout it out! just help us to keep the momentum going and to attract new backers to make sure we will reach our funding goal.

Having said all that, we are extremely impressed that no less than 948 backers achieved FIRST DAY BACKER status! That is definitely a badge to wear with honor, because you have established yourself as someone who believed in the vision of the project from the very beginning and were willing and ready to prove it. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate this show of faith and support.

At this point we would also like to give a quick shout-out to our backer Empirimancer, who was the first person to back “Deathfire” in this campaign.

Naturally, I would also like to mention Martin Zagora, who was our 1,000th backer!

Curse of the Nethermancer

The question also came up, whether the Nether Bursa item that we outlined yesterday replaces the in-game item that is part of the DIGITAL BASE EDITION and upwards. No, it is not. The Bursa is a separate item that every single backer will receive. The item from the DIGITAL BASE EDITION will come in addition to the Nether Bursa, and at this time we have not yet announced what that item will be. Stay tuned, and eventually you will find out, as we will cover it in one of the future updates.

And speaking of the Nether Bursa and the Nethermancer, I wanted to let you all know that we have removed the NETHERMANCER EDITION from our reward tiers. If you’ve been following the comments section, you have probably heard that this reward did not sit well with many backers, as they felt that we were withholding content from all other backers. This was not our intention at all, of course, and therefore, that tier is available no more.

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