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Path of Exile - Review @ GameDynamo

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-09 00:17:49

GameDynamo reviews the recently launched F2P ARRG Path of Exile.

Now, as a completely free F2P game, Path of Exile’s community is pretty hit-or-miss, but besides that, the F2P system in PoE is actually very well-balanced. All cash shop items are cosmetic-only except for the ability to create guilds and obtain additional stash storage.  GGG will presumably release additional content in the future that may be gated by the cash shop, but for now, anyone can hop in and experience everything the game has to offer for free. It’s a sweet deal.

As you’d expect from a free game, there's a slight amount of bugs to contend with as well as periods of the day when the servers can seem a bit laggy. GGG has been pretty awesome when it comes to fixing said bugs, however. The graphics and music in Path of Exile are solid for an F2P game and offer some great sights and sounds to the dark fantasy ARPG genre. There are no fancy Blizzard-style cutscenes, but hey—ARPGs are all about the action, right?

For a completely free game, Path of Exile has a lot to offer. The myriad of customization options alone makes this a solid contender in the world of ARPGs, and if GGG plays their cards right, this hidden gem in the messy world of F2P games could stick around for years to come.

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