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Graywalkers: Purgatory - Update #10, Combat

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-09 00:44:45

Dreamlords Digital has posted the next update for Gray Walkers: Purgatory with a detailed description on how the combat woks.


Today’s topic will be one of my favorites, and I think many people’s favorite as well, Combat! Though there are ways to resolve encounters in Graywalkers Purgatory without using violence, sometimes there is no option but to fight.


Normally, combat happens in 2 situations. It can happen while you are in the Regionscape View or the Areascape view.

Regionscape View 

For those who are not familiar with each, the Regionscape view is an overhead 3d map showing the region where your active team is. From here you can manage their actions and where you want them to go. Normally your team is represented by an Icon (top view) or an avatar (isometric view). Combat happens when your Icon’s area of influence intersects with an enemy’s area of influence. For example, you detect a team heading towards a village, you can intercept them (assuming you’re fast enough) and engage combat with them. We will talk more about the Regionscape in a future Update.  

The Areascape is the 3d isometric view when you zoom into specific locations in the region. This is normally automatic when entering settlements and special locations. In this view, your characters move in real-time.


Quick Combat

In the game, there are 2 types of combat you can engage in. The first is Strategic Quick Combat. This type only happens when you are in the Regionscape. Let’s say you see a group of enemies heading your way, and you encounter them. A pop up screen will appear showing you an estimate of what you are fighting. For example it will say 5-7 Bandits. You will have the option to choose quick combat or tactical combat then.

If you choose Quick Combat, it will automatically resolve the combat based simply on your characters stats, power levels, weapons, armor and other relevant combat factors. Before you start, you can also choose your combat stance: Offensive, Normal, Defensive. Each one will have its own advantage and disadvantage. The offensive stance will allow your side to deal more damage but may also take more damage. For defensive stance, you deal less damage as well as take less damage. Your choice will affect the result of the quick combat. You may also have an option to try and retreat though sometimes, it’s not guaranteed that you will succeed in fleeing. This is very similar to the quick combat found in JA2.

Tactical Turn-Based Combat  

If you choose tactical then you go turn based and your screen changes to the Combatscape Screen or basically your combat view. While in Areascape, you can also go into Combat mode by choice or when an encounter is started. This changes the view from real time to turn-based.

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