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Might & Magic X - The Tone of Might & Magic

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-10 03:26:34

The next topic of discussion on the Might & Magic X development blog is about how the developers write a game in the series, and stay true to the tone of the past games.

Writing a new Might & Magic RPG comes with its own challenges. We already talked a bit about that topic in the post dedicated to Articy:Draft, but there’s another aspect to be accounted for: the tone of the game.

The five first episodes of the series had a rather wacky tone, full of pop culture jokes and characters named King Malefactor, Joe the Exterminator or Lord Inspectron (not to mention good old Crag Hack). Also, the sci-fi background of the series was quite prominent, especially in the Xeen games that had a distinct Jack Vance vibe and were populated by all sorts of strange denizens.

The series arguably became more “serious” starting with Might & Magic VI and Heroes III, adopting a more “Lord of the Rings” feel and making the sci-fi elements less obvious (and completely absent in the case of the Heroes subseries). And of course, the background of the world of Ashan doesn’t involve sci-fi anymore.

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