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Graywalkers: Purgatory - Update #11, New Cover Art & Rewards

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-10 03:51:29

Dreamlords Digital has posted the next update for Gray Walkers: Purgatory with a look at the new cover, and to announce a few more rewards you can add to your pledge.

New Cover Art & Rewards

Today's Update will be short and will only be announcements. We will have more content for you tomorrow though. Anyway, we are nearing the halfway point of our campaign but we've been moving slower than anticipated. It's a difficult time to be here in Kickstarter unfortunately. Many good games seem to not be able to do as well as they would be expected to do. We're not the only one going through this problem at the moment. But all is not lost, luckily we still have 19 days to go, more than enough time to turn things around. This is why we are asking everybody to really start actively help us get more people to the campaign.  

To help this effort, we are introducing new rewards as well as upgrading some. Hopefully this will entice new backers as well as convince our existing backers to increase their pledges. 

New Cover Art: We've updated the look of our cover art. Hope you like it. Let us know if you like this new one or if you prefer the old one. We're hoping this new art will be more attractive to entice new potential backers. 

(Click here for Image)

Graywalkers World Book: We are releasing a new reward called the Graywalkers World Book. This will contain information about the world, history, characters, locations about the World of Graywalkers. This reward will be included in the $100 Tier as well. 

In-Game Starter Pack Upgrade: We will be upgrading all In-Game Starter Packs. Before , these start only at the $150 Tier and up. Now, the In-Game Starter Pack will begin at $75 (Basic) and up and everything else get's upgraded accordingly. To clarify, In-game starter packs contain some useful consumables, starter crafting materials, and other minor items that won't really destroy game balance but make your game a bit more interesting. 

Beta Access to the Game: Normally, the beta access is available at the $500 Tier. We have decided we want many of you there.  So we decided to lower it to the $100 tier. Now that is a tier many of you guys now can afford to play the game months in advance of its release. 

Closed Beta Access to the Game: This is normally available at the $1000 Tier but we are lowering it to the  $250 Tier. At this level, you will see the game in its first Beta Incarnations which is a few months ahead of Beta Access. 

Alpha Access to the Game: We are also bringing down the Alpha Access to the game from $1500 down to $500 Tier. This means you will have access to the Alpha build of the game as early as within the 2nd quarter of 2014, assuming we succeed in this campaign. 

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