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Lords of Xulima - Update #6, New Cover & Reward

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-10 04:04:26

Numantian Games has posted the next update for Lords of Xulima that shows the new title cover, and to announce a new limited time reward for backers.

New Title Cover

First of all, we changed the title cover of our project with our new hand drawn portraits. We're proud to show off the face of our protagonist, Gaulen the Explorer. See that handsome man in the center? That's Gaulen! What do you guys think? We are always interested in your feedback.

(Click here for the New Cover Art)

New Special Limited Reward

Special Signed Physical Edition ($120)

Through your feedback, we decided to add Signed Physical Copies. That's right! The Lord's of Xulima director, and RPG Guru, Jesús Arribas will be signing and personally inscribing the awesome "Bestiary & Mythology" book. He will even write a unique dedication, just for you!  

(Click here for The Book Image)

This is going to be an extremely limited tier, as we are only doing this for only 20 copies at the $120 level. Anyone who pledges to the other rewards above $120 (such as naming an NPC at $140) will also get their Bestiary and Mythology book signed!  

It's very easy through Kickstarter to up your pledges if you are interested in having your copies signed!

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