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Lords of Xulima - Update #7, Traps Recap

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-13 04:08:04

Numantian Games has another update for Lords of Xulima with a recap on traps. If you have followed the game since the Indiegogo campaign it should be familiar.

Previous Updates Recap III - Traps: Watch your step!


For newcomers, here you have one interesting article about one of the most common elements in the RPG genre.

Traps: Watch your step!

So, you think you can take the treasure and just walk out of the dungeon? Clearly, you haven’t played many RPGs… 

In Lords of Xulima there are many types of traps: There are permanent traps like poisonous clouds, flames that burn through cracks in the ground, pressure plates that spring blades from the floor, spider webs that slow your movements while their owners inject their venom, and many other special surprises.

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