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Deathfire - Update #7, Meet Marian Arnold

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-15 04:34:05

In this new kickstarter update for Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore we get news the Early Bird plegde is almost gone, and get to meet Lead Character Artist Marian Arnold.

Last Call for Early Birds

We are also beginning to run very low on EARLY BIRD EDITIONS, so if you’re reading this and haven’t pledged yet, you may want to take this last opportunity to jump in at the low $20 level before they are all gone.

Many of you seem to really appreciate the additional rewards we added earlier this week, as we noticed that quite a number of you have upgraded their pledges. It is nice to see that kind of commitment and to find affirmation that we made the right decision by adding Colin McComb’s Oathbreaker books to the mix.

Naturally, we are trying to arrange for some more rewards that we can offer you, and while I can’t announce anything new on that front just yet, I am hopeful that we can make a pretty cool announcement shortly. Stay tuned!

It's great to see some of the hard work of the past days finally come to fruition, as we have seen quite a bit of press coverage in the past days. It appears as if some of the interviews I've been giving also seem to finally make their appearance. These interviews are always a great way to talk about a variety of subjects surrounding the game.

Team Q&A: Marian Arnold

Who are you and what is your job on the Project team?

My name is Marian Arnold and I‘m the Lead Character Artist on this Project, which is quite funny because when Guido named me Lead Artist at first, I was the ONLY artist on this project. So I was basically leading myself - oh, the wonders of corporate titles. Well, it is a bit different now, as we have more artists working on the project. But in a small team such as ours, a title doesn’t mean all that much anyway. Everyone helps everyone, and we’re all pulling together. Sure, I created most of the monsters, but I‘ve also worked a lot on dungeons and dungeon props, created icons, scribbles and lots of other graphic elements. Whatever is needed at any given moment.  

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