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Lords of Xulima - Update #9, New Reward

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-16 04:07:08

In the latest kickstarter update for Lords of Xulima Numantian Games talks about a new reward, and gives a recap on lockpicks.

New Reward! and Previous Updates Recap IV

$30 - Special Limited Bestiary Edition!

We have created a new reward specially for people who wants the Bestiary & Mythology book, that includes the digital version, the game guide, the HD map and the digital edition of Lords of Xulima. 

They are limited so don't lose the chance to have our masterpiece!

Do you have a lock pick handy?

For newcomers, here you have one interesting article about one of the most common elements in the RPG genre:

A classic moment in RPGs is when you find a locked door or chest. Each game has its own system for locks, some rely on skills and others use mini-games.

In Lord of Xulima there is a lock pick skill. It's available to the thief and explorer classes. Since Gaulen, the main character, is an explorer, you will always have the ability to develop this skill, though it may be better to have a thief so that Gaulen can develop other skills.

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