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Graywalkers: Purgatory - Update #15, Rewards

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-17 02:26:47

Dreamlords Digital has posted  the next update for Graywalkers: Purgatory talking about new rewards, and friends. The project has 12 days left with only $22,219 of it's $100,000 goal need to get funded.

More Friends & Rewards

Today's update will be short and will focus on where we are at and where we hope to go. 

We are now 12 days to the end of the campaign. Due to the fantastic work of our new Online Relations Manager Bob "Entropy" Greenfield and the generous support our friends from many of our partner studios here in Kickstarter, we are still in the fight. That is still a lot of time to reach our target of $100,000. We are now at $21,500 with 355 backers and hopefully those numbers will increase much faster in the days to come. At this point we really need each and everyone's help in getting the word out about our game. 

With regards to our Steam Greenlight, we are currently at 3390 and 38% of the way to top 100. If you have not voted, please vote YES for us on Steam Greenlight. If we get on Steam, everybody who got digital downloads will get a Steam Key as well as their DRM free download. 

We also have some important announcements that we hope you will like. We are hoping these upgrades to some of the mid level tiers will be enticing enough for you guys to upgrade your pledges:

  • Starter Pack Upgrade: The In-Game Starter Pack that we lowered to the $75 tier last week is now lowered to the $50 tier. The $50 tier now gets the In-Game Starter Pack (basic) and all higher tiers get their in-game starter pack upgraded by 1 tier. (ex. $75 before was Basic, is now Copper)
  • Access Upgrades: We announced a few updates back that we lowered the access to $100 (Beta), $250 (Closed Beta) and $500 (Alpha). Now, we improve it again as Closed Beta Access will now be available at the $150 Tier and the Alpha Access will now be available at the $250 Tier
  • Signed Digital Art Print Upgrade: We are upgrading the $100 Tier with a Signed Digital Art Print (8.5"x11"). 
  • Signed Digital Poster Print Upgrade: We are upgrading the $150 Tier with a Signed Digital Poster Print (24"x36"). 
  • Digital Copy of the Graywalkers Table-Top RPG: This digital copy of the table-top RPG main rule book is now available at the $150 Tier and is still available as an Add-On for $20.
  • Extra Digital Download Copy: We are adding an extra digital download copy of the game to the $75 Tier. Of course this means those higher than $75 will get the additional digital download copy as well.

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