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Lords of Xulima - Update #10, New Footage

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-17 02:37:52

Numantian Games has a new video showing off the beginnings of Lords of Xulima in the games latest kickstarter update.

New Video Footage - The Beginnings of Lords of Xulima

We would like to present you the first video of a small series dedicated entirely to the gameplay of Lords of Xulima.

We love our work and really wish to offer the best first impression possible, but at this point we feel there is no better way to thank you for all your support than by revealing more about the journey that lies ahead. 

Before watching it

Please keep in mind the game is not 100% done yet, it still needs some polish. Also, what you are seeing is the result of our poor 720p video capturing software, which is a bit capricious. The actual game runs smoothly at 60fps/1080p on a computer which is 5 years old, so it will look much prettier. Some of the English text is poorly translated (or not translated at all), and we apologize for that. Rest assured that the final version will be fully localized to English and revised by dedicated partners, as well as many of our Beta testers. Finally, some of the music and sound effects are still being improved by our composer. 

The video shows the beginning of the game. The introduction of the first chapter, "The Divine Temples", was left out because it was a bit too long. It also has a few surprises in store for you, once you get to play the game yourself :o) 

Here you will see part of the game-play which includes a mini-tutorial, a very easy battle and the entry area of the first peaceful town, Velegarn.

Enjoy this preview of how your journey in Lords of Xulima begins!

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