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Veteran's Day: Eight Hours With Obsidian

by Dhruin, 2006-10-27 00:30:06

Moxie had the opportunity to visit Obsidian's offices, checking out NWN2's development and adding +4 to his geek credentials in the process.  The article has been in the works for some time but even with the imminent release of NWN2, should be an entertaining read for anyone following Obsidian:

An all-night drive that started at 4:00 AM in Phoenix ends at 9:00 AM in Obsidian's parking lot in Anaheim, California. Kalia shows up and we brief for the day. She knows this game inside and out. The questions that I've written down about storytelling and worldcrafting seem even more esoteric in comparison to her list covering everything from prestige classes to weapon specializations. If she gets answers to everything here, I think we'll be able to build the game ourselves.

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