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Dex - Kickstarter Updates #1 & 2

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-18 00:54:51

Developer Dreadlocks has two new kickstarter updates for the story driven sidescrolling RPG game Dex. As usual the links and details are below.

Update #1 - "Augmented Reality and Cyberspace in Dex"

Thanks for all the support so far! It seems we’ve been gaining steady momentum (over 15% in first 48 hours). If we manage to keep going at this rate or even faster – with your help, both by backing us and spreading the word – we can make Dex come true and fully realize our vision. We are excited about our progress as well as your suggestions, questions and comments! We plan to address the most recurrent topics in ongoing updates (mainly the RPG features, stealth features, story, and hacking/cyberspace), starting with today’s topic.

Let’s take a look at augmented reality and cyberspace in Dex.

In the world of Dex, augmented reality (AR) and basic reality (BR) are interconnected. The whole world is “online” and cyberspace is omnipresent. As in today’s world of Twitter and Facebook, most denizens of Harbor Prime are permanently connected to the augmented reality layer of the internet. There are digital commercials on the streets, instant newsfeeds for everyone, and lightning-fast communication amongst the users. And – of course – all of this is controlled and monitored by governments and major corporations.

Update #2 - "Introducing Dex RPG Features: Implants"

Many of you have asked about our planned RPG features for Dex – whether we will have character development, skill trees, abilities, etc. We will address these questions in a short series of updates regarding RPG features, starting today with the topic of implants.

Cybernetic implants form an integral part of gameplay and, in fact, are designed to be a gameplay-changing feature. Implants not only boost your abilities and make you stronger, but also offer new possibilities for exploration, combat, movement, and hacking. Each implant alters the parameters of some activity or enables some new ability.

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