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Deathfire - Update #9, More Rewards

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-18 01:53:57

In the latest update for Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore we get news of more reward options for all new, and previous backers.

More rewards for you

Today, we have an exciting update for you, not so much because we will talk more about the technology or features of “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore,” but because we are announcing a whole lot of changes to our reward structure, with the result that every single backer of our campaign will get more swag! How do you like that?

So let’s not waste any more time with preliminaries, let me outline for you, what is happening and what you can expect.

Rewards Galore!

First and foremost, all of our reward tiers will receive eBook versions of the entire “Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter” Collection, a series of pulp-fiction style novels, written by Guido Henkel. The collection features all eleven adventures, a $30 retail value, that we’re giving away to every single backer, even those coming in at the $5 level.

We are also creating a Monster Naming Pool. Throughout the game you will encounter various monsters and we will create a pool of names — that you will provide — and randomly pick unique names for many of these creatures. You can throw your own name, or a name you made up, into the pool if you’re backing this project at the $50 level or higher, adding to the variety this game will offer its players.

In addition, we have decided to create a Cloth Map for the game, displaying the various areas the game plays in. It will be beautifully crafted and best of all, it will be added to all existing physical reward tiers! Once again, we feel by adding this kind of value to all physical tiers, we can express our gratitude for your support! Naturally, the map itself will also be made available to all digital tiers in a digital image format.

One of the key levels in “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore” is a Graveyard area that surrounds the Apocryphic Temple at the top of Mount Nethermore. Instead of filling it with entirely made-up names, we have decided to hand the space over to you. We are giving you the chance to name the graves. At the $60 level and above, you will be able to name a tombstone. Once you commit to the $100 MOUSER EDITION and upwards, you will even be able to name an interment site in a catacomb, select the look of it from a number of designs, and place a personalized banner over it, which you can provide as a bitmap image. If you are a backer at the $300 level or higher, you will receive a fully personalized crypt instead. It will contain all of the above features and will also allow you to add a personal epitaph. With these rewards, which span a wide range of reward tiers, you can now immortalize yourself in the game!

As we pointed out before, the game features a recipe-based crafting system, which allows you to create brand new items, or enhance existing ones, such as weapons. Starting at the $100 MOUSER EDITION tier, backers now also have the ability to name a specific crafting recipe, adding their own name to the ancient lore of the game world this way.

For those of you more interested in all things combat, starting at the $120 CLASSIC BARD EDITION tier, we will also give you the opportunity to name a rare weapon. These highly individual weapons will be available to all players, but they will carry the name you provided. Imagine the fame your weapon could achieve among players!

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