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Baldur's Gate 2: EE - Review Roundup #3

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-20 03:58:09

I have a few more reviews for Baldur's Gate 2: EE so here is the third roundup.

StickSkills -  8.5/10

I do not wish to deride the game itself. Baldur’s Gate II, hell, the Baldur’s Gate series in general remains one of the classics of western RPGs. Everything about the game stands the test of time; the plot, the writing, the combat. The only real gripe one could have with the latest Enhanced Edition is the price, and that becomes a mater of personal preference. What content is added is enjoyable, and the game runs without a problem on a modern machine. If you’re looking for a reason to revisit the RPG classic, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is a well made, if slightly expensive option.

TerminalGamer - 6/10

There are all new characters, new story modes, new music, bug fixes, an improved multiplayer interface, and much much more. The graphics really didn’t change a whole lot and it still looks like a ten year old Dungeons and Dragons game, but if a journey to the past and a bowl full of Nostalgia is what you are looking for, then this is the game for you.

QuestGaming -  8.5/10

In the end, the Baldur’s Gate series has always been about the story and the characters driving that story. The superb story line that defined the original version is as compelling today as it was thirteen years ago. Gamers new and old will find themselves lost in the world of Faerûn, battling scores of enemies, uncovering the mystery of Jon Irenicus, and busting out in laughter at the banter between Minsc and the Miniature Giant Space Hamster Boo. Overall, the enhancements do just that: they “enhance” the original experience without taking away from what made the game great to begin with. Supplement the original with the additions of Neera, Dorn, Rassad and now Hexxat, Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition will give you hours of enjoyment, on top of the amazing content that was present in Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal.


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