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The Mandate - Update #20 , David Bradley

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-20 04:16:24

Perihelion Interactive has word in the latest kickstarter update that Game of Thrones actor David Bradley will be joining the voice cast as Lord High Admiral Suvarov.

Game of Thrones actor voices new gameplay trailer

We’re finally ready to reveal who will be voicing Lord High Admiral Suvarov!

David Bradley, who you may know from Game of Thrones as Lord Waldor Frey [ the Red Wedding planner.. ;)] has graciously voiced our Admiral. Bradley has also played roles in Dr Who, Harry Potter and Captain America too.

He is also an accomplished stage actor who has won the Lawrence Olivier award. You will get to hear his voice sooner than you think! Also, remember Suvarov is not really a Romanov (on his mother's side for example he is Black Eagle!) This announcement ties in with our next bit of news, too.

Our new trailer for The Mandate is now online both on our Kickstarter page and on our YouTube channel. It is narrated by our actor, and focuses on the crew aboard the HMS Retvizan. It should be interesting if you have been wondering how exactly The Mandate relates to Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. We have updated our Kickstarter video on the front page so go check it out or click on the youtube link above. Remember to spread it to your friends as well!

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