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Lords of Xulima - Kickstarter Updates #11 &12

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-20 11:26:29

Numantian Games has released two more updates in the last two days for Lords of Xulima. Details and links below as usual.

Update #11 - "Great news! 2nd Goal Reached &  Brian Fargo supports Lords of Xulima!"


Yes! We are proud to announce that the founding father of many important games for us (Bard’s tale, Wasteland, Planescape: Torment & too many others to list!), Brian Fargo, has supported Lords of Xulima by pledging here and mentioning us on Twitter. On behalf on our entire community (including us!).

Thank you very much Brian! Best wishes from the team!

New Goal Reached: The Divine Summoner 

We made it! Again!

Lords of Xulima will have a new special class for you, the Divine Summoner, who will bring a lot of new possibilities to the gameplay. With him by your side, the Heralds of the Gods will fight with you in the coming battles.

Update #12 - "Shaved, mustache or beard?"

If you were expecting a serious update please stop reading and wait for our 13th update, which will be posted very soon! :o) 

After announcing the portrait of Gaulen the protagonist of Lords of Xulima, we didn’t expect so much controversy . Specifically, his facial hair was the object of much debate. Take a look:

So, here you have three different versions of Gaulen:

(Which one is the manliest?)

I really prefer the one with the beard, so to support that decision I have joined to the Club of Beards as you can see here:

(Gaulen's mustache-only look was unpopular, so we both grew a beard!)

The success of Lords of Xulima depends on you!

Should Gaulen be shaved or have a beard? Make some noise and let us know. Gaulen and Jesús will both be forced to adopt the most popular look by the end of November!

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