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Path of Exile - Review @ Techraptor

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-21 05:52:05

Techraptor is the next site to post a review for the F2P RPG Path of Exile, and gives the game a final score of 81/100.

If you are extremely into cut-scenes and graphics from Blizzard’s offering, you may want to look further. I have yet to see a cut scene, but as a person who does not tend to get into the backstory of a game all that much, this is a minor omission. The graphics in this game are not bad, but they are not quite up to par with Blizzard’s offering. The background music is quite repetitive and i have found myself humming it more than once However, these things do not make me enjoy the game any less, and with the recent update on 11/12/13, the game added some effects to weapons that I had not noticed in the past. This has me excited, in that it seems that the graphics and individual weapon development will be a continuing effort from the development team. Additionally, it seems as though there are many graphical and cosmetic changes available in the freemium store, but I tend to avoid real-money marketplaces at all costs, so I will leave that aspect of the game for you to explore.

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