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The Mandate - Two Interviews

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-21 06:02:34

I have two interviews for The Mandate if any of you are still curious, and want to know more about the game. So as usual links and details are below.

MMORPG - "The Mandate: Inspired by the Golden Age of Games"

MMORPG.com:It’s being billed as a hybrid RTS / RPG title and that those are further divided into three separate and distinct focuses. Please explain how this works.

So The Mandate will feature three main game modes: Exploration & diplomacy, base management where you research and upgrade your base, ships and marines and finally the combat mode. We are looking closely at both Mount & Blade as well as Pirates! for the exploration mode of the game but our diplomacy element will be deeper than either of those two games [yes we are aware of the Diplomacy mod for Mount&Blade]. For our base management, research and manufacturing mode we are inspired by the original X-COM. For combat, first of all we are inspired by Jagged Alliance, X-COM and Men of War. The other part of combat is space combat and this is probably the area of the game that is most difficult to explain briefly.

Rock,Paper,Shotgun -  "Crew Control: The Mandate Interview"

RPS: Speaking of the procedural content, how much variety is there between systems? Can you give some examples of the kind of things the player might discover while exploring?

Perihelion: Certain planets, star bases etc will be predefined by us. Others will be randomized. We will have nebulas and other strange phenomenon which will be mini sandboxes where procedural content is generated or spawned from. There will be derelict ships, stations and events to explore and engage with. Perhaps you rescue survivors and have them join your crew or sell them off as slaves (if you are that type of captain). We are really looking to Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly for inspiration on what exactly can and will happen in space, scripted or procedurally generated.

This of course gives us ample opportunity to keep things fresh with minor updates, adding extra procedural content and even end-game content, something we think is pretty important. A good RPG isn’t over when the story is.

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