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Deathfire - Kickstarter Updates #11 &12

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-23 03:38:53

Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore has posted two more updates in the last two days. Details and links are below, and I even have two new videos to share.

Update #11- "A Welcome and a Big Thank You, and more…"

Big push today, folks, as we are sure you noticed. The guys from the “Torment: Tides of Numenera” project had an Update earlier today that they sent out to all their backers, and they mentioned us in it. It is a very generous move on their behalf and we truly appreciate it, of course, especially as it has helped to provide a fresh and strong influx of new backers to our game. So, a very sincere Thank You to the Torment Team, and a big warm Welcome to all the new backers who just joined us.

Gameplay Video

Since the gameplay footage in the Kickstarter pitch video is spread all over the place, I decided to create this brief clip that shows off some of the in-game footage in order to give interested gamers a better idea how the actual game looks like. This is actual in-game footage, recorded straight from Unity3D. No tricks, here.


Update #12 - "Dice+ support in “Deathfire” creates real role-playing flair"

Gadget Time: Dice+

Have you ever heard of Dice+ (It is pronounced Dice-Plus)? No? Well, you should, because as you will see in a minute, Dice+ is a very cool little gadget that we will support in our game, that will potentially enhance the role-playing experience quite a bit and add a ton of additional fun to the mix.

But instead of explaining it all in writing, perhaps, this is something that is better explained in person. So, here’s a video for you, in which I will explain this remarkable little gadget in more detail.

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