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The Mandate - Update #21, State of the Campaign

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-23 04:02:28

Perihelion Interactive talks about the state of the campaign, digital add-ons, and a new design update about boarding in the games latest kickstarter update.

State of the campaign + digital add-ons + design update: boarding!

Throughout the campaign, our exposure has been a result of action - a plan. Although there have been slower times, those times have been filled with hard work creating the next piece of PR to send to the press. It’s been up and down, but we’re not done yet. Thankfully, we managed to break through to sites like Polygon and Kotaku, which have been goals for us since the start. It could have all come sooner, but it is exceptionally exciting to be seen by a wider audience.

We haven’t paid a cent to anyone for coverage, and so thanks are certainly due. Thank you to AngryJoe, who went above and beyond in his video even pledged $150 of his own hard earned cash! Thank you Scott Manley, who gave us our first big YouTube hit. His video was well produced, and genuinely entertaining! We’d also like to thank Brian Fargo and Kevin Saunders of InXile Entertainment, who took the time to review our Kickstarter and provide excellent feedback before we launched our campaign. Last night they also gave us a shout out in their recent Torment Numenera update! Finally, you guys, our loyal backers, have been out-standing at spreading the word, and even defending us like knights against the trolls!

We spend a considerable amount of time reading your comments on press sites, so believe us, your comments are noted!

State of the campaign and the road ahead:

As mentioned above, we do have a media strategy plan and we are not done with it yet. So what do we have in store for you during these last 10 days of the campaign?
  • We have two additional recordings with David Bradley that we will share before the campaign is over [he was so efficient and professional in the recording session that we ran out of material for him to record! Instead David Bradley ended up talking about how excited he was about The Mandate and he wanted to know when he could come back and record more. Bottom line he is a class act, a true tsar!]
  • We have two new trailers, one which focuses on boarding operations and one that focuses on, well, uhm… that’s a secret in fact!
  • We have four developer logs that are recorded but we need to clean them up properly
  • Also there are more design updates still to come and one of them is linked at the end of this update

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