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The Mandate - Interview @ TechRaptor

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-24 04:43:37

TechRaptoR interviews the Executive Producer of The Mandate to ask a few questions.

TR: We’re told that the loss of a crew member will be felt by the player, both by losing a character you liked and by losing skills. How hard is a good crew member to replace?

Ole: As you upgrade your base you will be able to found and upgrade academic institutions that allow you to train and replace officers faster. That being said losing a commissioned officer may be a blow, but loosing an NPC captain with his/her crew and ship is something you will not soon forget! Aboard each ship we will have a roll of honour similar to the one we showed in our gameplay trailer. If you fill one up with names we will add another one!

Similarly we will have a roll of honour at your starbase as well and by the late game you may have quite a few of these hanging around which remind you of the war of attrition and human sacrifice involved.

TR: There will be both space combat, as well as the potential for repelling boarders – how will this play out, exactly? Can you walk us through a battle?

Ole: The space combat will be tactical and you control capital ships, not nimble fighters. At the start of an engagement you may be outside visual range and the disposition of the enemy forces may or may not be known to you. You will rely on scanners or scouts to assess the enemy strength and plan out your attack. Since we feature environments that you can use to your advantage to sneak up on the enemy (or they can sneak up on you) these will also play a big role. Once battle is joined you will want to scan enemy vessels and figure out exactly what type of weapons are carried by each ship. Most ships have a mix of primary weapons (turrets) and heavy weapons (torpedoes, missiles, rockets, bombs). The latter is very powerful but ammunition is in short supply and you will want to think through exactly which ships you want to blow up and which you want to disable and later board. As you wear the enemy down and disable individual ship sub systems, take enemy weapons offline and clear out any enemy fighters, it may be safe to launch your assault shuttles. Provided the enemy shields are down, they will dock with the enemy ship and engage their drill to pierce the hull. You can then storm the enemy ship and fight corridor to corridor. But wait! What was your objective? Did you wish to seize the enemy ship as a prize ship, or sabotage some bothersome weapons, rescue a space princess or steal some secret technology?

TR: The game will have the option for co-op. Will it be drop-in/drop-out, or will you be able to assist friends in their story? Can you expand on how it will work?

Ole: We will both feature “coop on demand” where you can join up with a friend for a short battle they are having trouble with almost like in Left 4 Dead. Your friend who jumps in would take the place of one of your NPC escort ships and bring along his own ship, crew and captain. Alternatively you can play for a longer period of time and the way this works is that the host player invites the other player(s) to his sandbox (universe) and the action takes place there. The other players gain loot, gain xp and can upgrade and refit their ships at the host player’s main base.go in and out of battles, explore the universe together and either hunt down pirates or go off on a quest.

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