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Graywalkers: Purgatory - Update #18, Strategic Management

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-24 04:47:51

In the next kickstarter update for Graywalkers: Purgatory we get more information on how the game handles strategic management.

Strategic Management

Welcome to Update #18. We are nearing the end of the campaign and with 5 days more to go, we want bring you as much info as we can. Today will be a long one and we will be talking about the strategic aspects of the game.  After that we will have some announcements as well as some shout-outs for some friends of ours. 

Concept Overview 

To succeed in your role as the leader of the Graywalkers, you have to manage a lot of things such as your personnel, resources, factions, technology, magic, equipment, research, manufacturing and others. How you manage all of these can lead you to success or failure down the road.  

Also, you have to adapt your strategies to the changes happening in the world. As we said, the game will be emergent so all your actions (or inactions) will have long reaching effects in this mostly unscripted dynamic world. Just remember that as you do your thing with your team, the world will continue to move forward, doing actions based on its own set of motivations and objectives, as well as reacting to the things you do.

Game Views

The game is separated into several game views. Each view represents a certain scale of the game from where to manage your strategy. These are the: Purgatory Map, Regionscape, and Areascape.

Purgatory Map / Globalscape

This is shows the entire map of Purgatory, the Bermuda Triangle and the surrounding territories. From here, one can see the map of Purgatory divided into several regions. At the start of the game, you will only see 1 region active and the rest of the area covered by a fog of war. As you visit more areas and expand your influence, you will start seeing more of the map of Purgatory.

From this map, you will see icons of your active teams and which regions they are in, as well as locations that are currently under your control. It will also show major cities that have been visited or those who’s locations have been revealed to you.

As the game expands later on, this map will eventually become a globalscape, meaning that we will begin to show the rest of the world and all the areas that you can visit and explore. For now though, all your adventures will be on Purgatory, but there will be a references to what lies beyond.

In addition to your units, you can also see movements of other factions that you can detect. Take note that you won’t see units that are covered by the fog of war. The ability to detect other units depends also on your influence in the area. Let’s say a unit from a neutral or enemy faction goes within the range of a faction you are friendly with or one of your units, then you will be able to detect them on the map until they are out of range.

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