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Dex - Update #5, Funded & New Stretch Goals

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-24 05:18:11

In the fifth kickstarter update for Dex we get news the game is funded, and more information on the games new stretch goals.

Funded! Stretch Goals Revealed!

Hurray! 100% funded and going up!

Thanks to your amazing support, we’ve made our initial goal! We still have 19 more days to go – and several nice updates coming. We believe we can reach even more fans with the following exciting stretch goals including a Wii U version, improved soundtrack, PS4/Xbox One support, and game localizations! Plus some exciting game extensions and additions!

Cheers, and thanks again!

Foreword to Dex Stretch Goals

When choosing Stretch Goals, we wanted to meet these basic criteria:

  • The Stretch Goal can be delegated to external contractors (as a whole or at least partially), or can be done after the game is released, so it will not extend development time.   
  • We focused mainly on improvements, rather than extending the game itself. Game extensions (additional areas, enemies, items) would definitely mean prolonged development time. 
  • The notable exception is the £48000 goal. At this point (now having ample funds for added development), we will let the community vote between organically extending the game (with an increased development time of 2-4 months) or releasing the additional features and content in the form of post-release DLC (free for all backers eligible for Digital Game Download)

We had some stretch goals prepared, but added new ones and rearranged the order based on the feedback we received from you during the course of the Kickstarter campaign. Thus, we put more emphasis on additional platforms (NVidia Shield, Wii U, PS4/Xbox One) and localizations (German, French, Italian, Spanish, plus one voted language).

Needless to say, more funds will always result in a better and extended game. We vow to do our best to create the coolest game possible with whatever level of funding we receive.

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