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WoW - Happy 9th Anniversary

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-25 04:09:36

Blizzard has a new post announcing that World of Warcraft is now nine years old.

It’s been nine years since World of Warcraft opened its gates—nine years since fledgling heroes from all walks of life spoke to their first quest giver and began their journey through Azeroth, unaware of where those first steps would ultimately take them.

Nine years is a long time for any voyage, and we couldn’t have hoped for a more dedicated and passionate community to come on this adventure with us. World of Warcraft wouldn’t be what it is today without you: the players who celebrate your passion for the game every day and share your own Azeroth-enhancing contributions with one another. From creating awe-inspiring costumes for BlizzCon to talking complex raid strategies on podcasts, from building fansites to making amazing machinima, the World of Wacraft community has forged a culture and language uniquely its own.

While our primary quest remains to create an epic world for you all to enjoy, we’ve also joined you in the trenches on our own journeys to become heroes of Azeroth. From the very beginning, we’ve engaged in endless battles on the fields between Southshore and Tarren Mill and faced Onyxia in her lair. We knew we needed “more DoTs” and there were many whelps, and we handled it together—carrying off truly epic loot for our efforts.

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