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Mass Effect 4 - Editorial @ Unigamesity

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-25 04:32:14

Unigamesity has posted another article this time about next Mass Effect , and asking if the Reapers will make a return again. Frankly I would perfer they don't what about you?

The reapers are definitely the core enemy faction of the Mass Effect series, they simply seek the destruction of everything and everyone. But it’s not that simple, in theory they seek to maintain a fragile balance between species. They believe that without the extinction cycles, the synthetics would completely annihilate all organic life and as a consequence, new species wouldn’t even have a chance to come to existence. The Mass Effect trilogy is set in the end of a cycle but for the first time there’s enough resistance. This generation of organics and synthetics has discovered all the secrets behind the reaper existence but it’s up to players to decide the final fate of the reaper race – destruction, control or synthesis. Any of these options result in a direct defeat and obliteration of the race as we once knew it.  So the question arises, will the reapers return in Mass Effect 4? I would be more than glad to say no, they won’t come back, but unfortunately, there is a huge chance that these ancient aliens will be back regardless the timeline of the upcoming story. Let’s analyze the prequel and sequel cases.

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