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NWN2 - Untold Tales Of Tolkien Mod

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-26 01:33:40

I just want to bring everyones attention to a new NWN 2 mod called Untold Tales Of Tolkien: The Indanthrine Prince. So if your still playing the game head over to the vault to download the mod. Here is the mods description to get you started.

Welcome to the NWN2 edition of the NWN1 module of the same name! This is no mere copy - much has been expanded upon, altered and improved. This module is the first in a planned series of three. This is the initial release. The module has been tested in full many times and is in a very stable state - no known serious problems. We will be allowing about a month of feedback before putting together a FINAL release by the end of the year. Enjoy the module, keep supporting NWN2!

The history of Middle Earth is sewn with legends. Exceptional people renowned as heroes of their time; or held in terrible infamy. Many such tales are widely told and remembered. But equally, are the Untold Tales; those that were drowned out or overlooked amidst the pressures of their time of telling. What follows is one such tale, and it is told over a number of chapters, this being the first...

On the eastern borders of Rhovanion lies a small rural village. One of many such, scattered amongst the fertile farming plains. It is here that the focal figure of this tale begins their journey. An apprentice to a respected scholar finds themself trading the neighbourly, quiet village life for something quite different, when the life they knew is ripped out from under them.

A new path, but of what? Justice? Revenge? Perhaps simply a new life of adventure and discovery. No matter the path taken, the events that follow change that apprentice and the lives of those close to them. This chapter of the tale takes the hero across many leagues, including the bustling markets of Esgaroth on the Long Lake; crumbling crypts; the wildlands of Rhun and it's volatile mountain ranges; macabre Easterling fortresses and the shadowy gloom of Mirkwood.

This is a tale of loyalty, love and friendship. Of hatred, justice and revenge. All play their part in the making of this untold hero. This Untold Tale is but the first part of their incredible story...

Game best suited for 1-3 players.(Does not include NPC companions) For new characters, leveling to approximately level 12. Game length approximately 20-30 hours

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