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Blackguards - Two More Previews

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-26 01:49:05

Here are two more previews of the Early Access version of Blackguards.


All the elements are there: lovely environments, great voice acting, diverse characters, good story, big skill trees, plenty of abilities, but none of these things can work if the heart of the game isn’t pumping the right blood into the veins of Blackguards. The combat, a major part of any turn-based strategy RPG falters in the silliest ways. There’s a great attention to detail in the whole package, except where it really counts, and that’s just not enough to drive the game home. Strategy is left nearly completely moot when victory winds up heavily reliant on luck, and character building takes too long to help it.


Daedalic are relatively unproven outside the world of adventure games but Blackguards shows a lot of potential. It’s very pretty, has a well-written – if a little clichéd – story and generally enjoyable combat. It still needs some polish, there are a few balance issues that seem to be related to your starting class, the RNG can be brutal at times and it would benefit greatly from a bit more of a helping hand for those of us unfamiliar with Germany’s most popular RPG ruleset, but I have high hopes for it once the game is complete.

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