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Path of Exile - Review @ IncGamers

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-27 03:23:59

IncGamers has posted the next review for the F2P RPG Path of Exile.

GGG have to be commended for keeping pay-to-win away from POE but it’s going to be up to the community to support the game. If the current pool of store items are enough to fund the game and further content development the future looks bright, but players will have to keep playing and new offers will have to be added all the time to keep that cash coming in.

Having played the game for a long time now on and off, it’s not easy to write about it, as most of the game features have been written about to death over the past couple of years here on IncGamers. In all the time playing over the past 12 months or so it’s apparent that Path of Exile does most things right if you’re looking for a new ARPG – it can look a little rough around the edges in places and there are minor connectivity issues from time to time, but these are not major issues when you consider what’s on offer.

Over the years I’ve played more ARPGs and free-to play-titles than you can throw a fireball at, and I think I can safely say that this is one of the best ARPGs around at the moment. It’s certainly the best free-to-play title I’ve played in a long time. I think GGG nailed it.

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