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The Mandate - Kickstarter Funded

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-28 03:02:43

Perihelion Interactive has released a new press release with infomation The Mandate is  now funded, and included a new deveopler video log.

The Mandate Reaches Kickstarter Funding Target

27 November 2013 - California, USA/… Perihelion Interactive is delighted to announce that The Mandate – its six-player, cooperative, sandbox sci-fi RPG – has successfully reached its Kickstarter funding target of $500,000, ahead of the campaign’s end on 2 December 2013.

To commemorate this milestone, Perihelion has released a new developer log video. ‘Anatomy of The Game’ digs deeper into the exploration, combat and starbase modes from The Mandate. The developer log can be watched here:

Ole Herbjørnsen, Executive Producer, Perihelion Interactive said:
“We’re excited that we’ve reached our initial funding goal for The Mandate and look forward to seeing what stretch goals we can achieve before the campaign ends. Everyone at Perihelion is extremely passionate about The Mandate and we will strive to exceed on our backers expectations when the final game is released in 2015.

The following elements will be incorporated into The Mandate once the applicable Kickstarter stretch goal targets are achieved before 2 December 2013:

$600k - Away Missions on Planets.
Perihelion has a long list of possible away missions planned, with both combat and non-combat options that can switch depending upon the scenario. The developer is inviting fans to visit The Mandate forums to suggest their favourite style of away missions and planet-side encounters.

$700k - Starbase Boarding Operations.
At this stretch goal Perihelion will model starbase interiors to allow for boarding operations to take place. The developer will also make it possible for the player to walk around on and interact with his/her starbase outside of combat.

$800k - Mod Support.
Perihelion is a huge fan of the mod communities that have sprung up for the likes of Total War, Mount & Blade and The Elder Scrolls series. At this stretch goal it will be in a position to allocate more programmer and designer time to plan the code and data structures to greatly simplify the process of creating total conversions for The Mandate. Developer tools will receive extra polish and documentation so they can be used both by the devs and by the mod community. Start planning your mod or total conversion project today!

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