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The Mandate - Update #24, Perfidious Treachery

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-29 02:31:40

Perihelion Interactive has posted the next kickstarter update for The Mandate that talks about a backer only reward called the Great Captain Doc, and how to court martial the games Grand Admiral.

Perfidious treachery!!!

We have passed our funding goal of 500.000 and we are very happy!!! Thank you to all backers who believed in us, Brian Fargo, Kevin Saunders, Angry Joe, Scott Manley and everybody else who supported the campaign! Thanks too to everyone who supports us from this point on.  

To celebrate this fact, we bring you a special message from Anastasia. CLICK HERE to read it.

As some of you may be aware, there was a bit of drama with our $10.000 backer pulling out when we were just $5.000 shy of the 500.000 goal. This was only a minor setback and we quickly recovered but this kind of scam could have been a major blow to a smaller campaign. 

So how do we chose to respond to this? Do we ignore it? NOOOO WAY! After getting some input from the most active backers in the comments field over on Kickstarter, we have decided to run a little community activity:

  • There is no precedence for trying a Lord High Admiral [which is the $10,000 pledge rank] on a court martial and since all members of a court martial must have equal or higher rank than the accused, well, there is only one Lord High Admiral so...
  • Instead the accused will be tried by a grand jury of his peers [for the sake of story we assume this event takes place before all of you were disgraced after your own court martial ;) ]
  • Our lead writer will act as Judge Advocate General of the Grand Fleet and draft the charges, basically violations of the Articles of War
  • You, as captains of the fleet, will decide whether the charges are true or false
  • You, as captains of the fleet, will perform sentencing (by popular vote)

We hope this can turn something negative into a fun little community event. The court martial will be in session most likely in early to mid December. In other news we are releasing some cool stuff over the next few days so stay tuned for more. Also, later in the week there will be a dev log update which talks about the different reward tiers and what you will get with each.

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