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Lords of Xulima - Classes & Development

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-29 03:16:30

In the next update for Lords of Xulima we get more information on the games classes, and how you develop your character in the game.

First, THANKS!

From Numantian Games we would like to thank everyone who has contributed so far and all of those who have increased their pledges.

Every bit helps us get closer to our goal! Those of you who have contributed, those who have been commenting on the forums here and on other sites, and those who have told your friends about Lords of Xulima and helped spread the word: you are directly responsible for helping make LoX a better, more well-rounded game and for that we are eternally grateful. We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm that so many people have shown for our game.

We have always felt that this game is going to be a great way to bring back the spirit of the old school classics in a new and innovative way. We are very happy to find so many people out there who share our vision. We are in the final 24 hours of the campaign and we’re close to the next stretch goal. Please continue to spread the word about Lords of Xulima wherever you can so we can get more people interested and finish the campaign with a strong push. We want everyone to have the chance to visit the Enchanted Isles of Varas Talak.

Today we are going to talk about the character classes and their development!  

Development & Skills

In LoX there are more than 100 skills that are unlocked as you go up in level. There are skills that are shared between different classes and others that are class specific. When one of your characters achieves a new level they will receive skill points that they can use to improve their existing skills or to learn new ones. The cost to improve or learn an skills is different for each class. For example, the cost to improve the Swordplay is 1 point for the Soldier and 3 points for a Mage.

Party Creation

The process for creating a group of characters is very simple. You need to select a name, gender, class, deity (which Lord of Xulima the character follows), and the weapon that you will start the game with. The beginning skills and attributes are selected by default according to the class and gender.

Why so simple? We want to make sure that the player has the basic skills and abilities to survive in Xulima when they start the game. Once the player starts to level up they can learn and improve their abilities and attributes according to what works best for their play style. The more they advance in the game the more experience they will have as players.

By that time they will also have more options available for them to customize their characters. In many older RPGs you needed to make fundamental decisions about the game before you actually had a chance to play it. Many times when you thought you were creating a solid group, you would start to play and find out that your characters didn’t have the necessary abilities to survive and you would have to start over. Has that ever happened to you? 

The Classes

In Lords of Xulima there are 9 classes, 10 counting the Divine Summoner, but as that class has not yet been fully designed, we won’t include it here today.

Our 9 classes are, without doubt, very classic and well known. We think it’s important that the player is familiar with these in the beginning and then to give them the tools to develop the characters in new ways as they progress. This way you can end up with your own self-made classes like the “Paladin Healer”, “Pyromancer”, or “The Venomous Rogue”…

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